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The articles, data analytics and visualisations that appear on this website draw on work and input from different researchers as well as data from different providers.
When referencing the content of this website, please also cite the underlying data sources. Content that appears on this website should be cited as:
Matthias Qian, Adam Saunders, Daniel Pesch, Steven Reece, Won Do Lee, Xiaowen Dong and Renaud Lambiotte (2020), Oxford COVID-19 Impact Monitor,

Project Co-Directors
Dr Matthias Qian (Department of Economics, University of Oxford)
Dr Adam Saunders (SKOPE, Department of Education, University of Oxford)

Project Contributors
Daniel Pesch (Saïd Business School)
Dr Steven Reece (Department of Engineering Science)
Dr Won Do Lee (Transport Studies Unit, School of Geography and the Environment)
Dr Xiaowen Dong (Department of Engineering Science)
Professor Renaud Lambiotte (Mathematical Institute)
Lucas Kruitwagen (School of Geography and the Environment)

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